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16 June 2003 @ 12:28 am
Aha the reason. (Or why do we have four days off around here).  
Я фигею дорогая редакция!
Четыре дня праздников, и около половины из них бещ нета. Ну это еще ничего, но самое плохое - я помню все события, но не их точный порядок.

It all begun when my relatives (i.e. sister, mother and some other random friends) went to country and spent most of the time at the dacha. They returned this morning, and life returned to its normal self.

Anyways, during those days I done the following, in no particular order:
1. Suffered from LJ hype and browsed lots of blogs and added quite abit of random people as friends.
2. Survived mostly on ramens, bread and caffeine/alcohol mix that is Red Devil. The last bit is explained by me staying round the clock trying to write ecological lections with my handwriting. Boring and useless chore I have to do. When faced with stuff like that I start wondering if I like education or not?
And finaly a bottle of cheap red wine. Bear's Blood. I should have looked while taking dry wine. Cheap dry is bad. Cheap semi-sweet/sweet is okay.
3. Tried to teach herr Real this little card game called preference with Piter. We failed. Since apparently he was all about asking silly questions, and not learning. Maybe cause he was sleepy.
4. Decided to go to Capoeira on tuesday.
5. Decided to by a new keyboard, mouse and possibly a headset.
6. Sat at home for several days straight and then went walking around, and got high on fresh air. (Who says that people need to ingest anything to get high? Although it is true that fresh air works like nicotine. If you're not acustomised to it, it works, if you spend years outside it doesnt.)
8. Procastrinated alot.

There were lots of memorable events in between, like reading some books, but since Im a silly and flighty individual (or at least I have an image to upkeep), I might post them later, or whenever, or never. Besides, writing those entries is probaly interesting only to the writer, as they are mostly meaningless for us readers.
Здесь бы стоило вставить что-то типа

Чукча не читатель, чукча писатель.

Но не буду.
Прочитал "Поколение П" Пилевина. Забавно. Куча вещей слишком правдива, чтобы веселить, и скорее пугает. Как говорится сказка ложь, но...
Current Mood: retrospective
Current Music: Terry S. Taylor - Psychedelic Boogy Child
Acolyte D. Worrywarts: miss monroefishchick on June 17th, 2003 07:10 pm (UTC)

added quite abit of random people as friends

Just curious as to how I ended up on your list. Not that I mind, I like random people. I am just nosy.
Стихийный Эйсид и Пиченька Судьбыxnrrn on June 17th, 2003 11:08 pm (UTC)
I think it was either 'Find Users - Random' or some interests, or being friends of people I found by the above means.

After people are found with those methods they aren't just added, but I browse through their lj, and if its interesting... :) There you go. An Answer! :P