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22 April 2005 @ 02:22 am
Undeclared variable  
Как мне сказали, официально ее звали Клякса.
Сейчас ее зовут по разному, всякими словами хорошими околокошачьими.
Посему было постановлено, что звать ее будут Необъявленной переменной.

А еще девченка хорошая сказала такую фразу:
If I had a dog that was a pointer, I'd call him null.

My cat was named Klyaksa, which means an inkblot.
But now she is called different catlike names. And starting from today, based on her variable nature, she's called an Undeclared Variable.
And Firesnake said... Err, look 6 lines above for her saying, since it would be pointles dublication. :D
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