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29 July 2003 @ 06:19 pm

Trading Cards
Free Account Edition
User Number: 1108624
Date Created:2003-06-09
Number of Posts: 48

XnR'rn is an automatic and virtual cyber-alter-penname-ego of Xanoxt R'rilander. Thus, it can be considered to be a piece of software to emulate some wetware. Last thing makes its logical circuits run in circles, thus being illogical circuits.
Strengths: Completely insane, which takes it somewhere near, while it is still far. It has excelent verbal comunicative skills. Has broad circle of connections which are used to its advantage.
Weaknesses: Completely insane, which means it is wanted by The Clinic. It also means it is not sane. Its written skills lag behind its verbal ones. Short attention span.
Special Skills: Idea generation, briliant quote creation and storation. Can imitate intelligence and/or lack therof with uncanny accuracy.
Weapons: Sharp, but rusty wit; jump jets, limited shamanic offensive capabilities.
Quote of the lifetime: "...what's the point of knowing the future if I go around changing it on a whim?" -Power of Foresight, Nobilis

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