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02 January 2005 @ 11:54 am
Since I worked on the Jan the 1st, I've met the New Year at work, Im working today, and have some time on my hands, so I figured I'd post something.

Actually, while the idea behind meeting the new year at work was good, the execution wasn't as good, even though I liked it.
Probably the worst bit that was there is being up for two days straight, and then having to work again only after a night's rest.
Besides working (starting from 10 am on the 1st of Jan), drinking I mostly mudded (Discworld MUD. check it out, its nice).
Also, as it was mentioned in the previous post, I've upgraded yet again, and broke my systems just before going to work. So instead of going to bed right away, I have tinkered with it some, tinkered with it in the morning, and now I am finishing the system recovery (actually, its mostly a complete reinstall) from work.

They say that way you meet the new year is the way you'll spend it. For me it probably means upgrading lots, tinkering with different stuff, reading and mudding. How did I get myself into that?

Ну, С Новым Годом!

Чего-то меня клинит. :)
Новый год я встречал на работе (мне с утреца работать было, так что идея была хороша, хотя исполнение было не очень). Самая засада в том, что я совершенно не выспался. И вот сегодня тоже работаю. :/
Судя по всему в новом году я буду в основном апгрейдится, работать и ковыряться со всякими юниксами.
ven_ture on January 2nd, 2005 01:13 pm (UTC)
С Новым годом!!))
Стихийный Эйсид и Пиченька Судьбыxnrrn on January 2nd, 2005 06:23 pm (UTC)
Ага, спасибо!